Vimpi Viscous Liquid Pumps was established in early 70s to meet the local industrial demand for gear pumps. VİMPİ, the first internal gear pump manufacturer of Turkish industry, became a modern enterprise fulfilling the demands of all sectors by combining sense of obligation with technologic production quality and specialized personnel in current years. Our company carries out production of the pumps assembling in 6 main groups in our 14.000 m2 factory (its 3.350 m2 is indoor space)

Internal gear, spur gear, helical gear, external driven helical gear, vane and lobe pumps which are production of our company are used in pumping of every kind of liquid from 38 SSU to 2.000.00 SSU according to purpose of usage with the highest yield safely. Pumps produced by our company can reach to high pressures even under the lowest speeds by suction from 8 m of depth (at sea level) depending on evaporation point of liquid (altitude) by the virtue of being positive displacement. Our pumps have suction and forcing capability in both of two directions by switching direction of rotation of pump shaft.

Our firm manufactures reducer, blower, flame burner, filter, valve, mobile flame generator, pull-type road sweepers, modification and emulsion mill and distributor spares as well as production of pump.

Our firm got the reason for preference at home and abroad by getting international approval with ISO 9001:2008 certificate and began to exports its products as of 1998. Our firm provides 2 years of warranty for its products by “TSEK” certificate as well as “ISO 9001:2008” quality certificate in the direction of importance given to the quality and launches its products as “CE” certified by its own declaration.

VIMPI has adopted as its essential principle to get its products to a superior state by making new designs and improving existing designs; to inspect all stages of production; to provide delivery on time; to maximize customer satisfaction at the top level through its abundant spare part and technical services after sale.