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Portable Burner

Working Principle

The explosion proof or electric motor will drive the pump coupled with an air blower using a belt and pulley system. Burners that shall be fed from a pump with capacity rating 350 l per h (570, 780, 781) can be burned optionally. It is possible to use them separately, or, in combination, if needed. The surplus of the heating fuel returns to the tank, the cylindrical body of which has a capacity of storage of 350 l of medium at a time, through the by-pass line of the system. In the meanwhile, the excessive air built within the system will be discharged into the open air through a regulator.

Thanks to a jointed mechanism supplied in the system, burners can possibly be adjusted upwards and downwards on vertical grade with 90 degrees angles. Furthermore, the air and fuel pipe lengths can be extended up to 20 meters. The lame burners employed in relay tanks without a heating system weigh around 375 kg, without the engine.



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