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Road Sweepers

Working Principle

Road sweepers have drums driven by the rear axle. They are used with field proven success for scrubbing and sweeping pavements and dirt off the even surfaces in aerodromes and etc. They can be towed by a tractor or pick up truck. The most convenient rate of horizontal travel for sweeping is 8 to 10 km per hour. PALMIRA or plastic fibers and magazine insert types (rubber, steel wire and mixed) of sweeping hair can be produced and wound, upon demand.



Body width.

: 210 cm

Track Width

: 180 cm

Speed of fiber

: 8 km/saat

Diameter of fiber

: 86 cm

Lenght Between Axis

: 275 cm


: 6,5x16

Drum weight without Fiber

: 62 Kg

Drum weight with Palmira Fiber

: 112 Kg

Drum weight with plastical fiber

: 185 Kg

Weight without drum.

: 860 Kg


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