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About Us

Vimpi Viscous Liquid Pumps was established in early 70 s to meet the local industrial demand for gear pumps

Having certified its quality with a TSE EN ISO 9001 Quality Certificate according to international standards, the Company has managed to tune up with worldly demands for quality production and has become a brand that is the choice of preference not only in the domestic but also in global markets.

As of today, the company’s manufactured product ranges cover internal gear pumps, helical gear pumps, centrifugal, lobe, vane pumps, all of which are used with highest possible operating performance for pumping viscous and semi-viscous fluids of any kind, with slight modifications made in the pump part materials depending on the intended use by the end user, in discrete confidence. These pumps have powerful suction capacities to reach at high pressure figures even at the lowest rotational speeds, from a depth of 4 meters, depending on the evaporation point of the fluid they are expected to carry, all thanks to their positive displacement rotary design. Pumps forming the production range of the company have a wide array of options, which are capable of performing suction and delivery in both directions of flow, as a standard feature, which is accessible simply by changing the rotating direction of the shaft. With a wise choice and proper maintenance, the entire ranges of pumps manufactured by our Company are capable of serving trouble-free, for long years.

Apart from its standard pump productions, the company has an impressively wide array of side products and parts, including Reduction gears, Blowers, Flame burners, filters, portable flame generators, modified and emulsifying grinder pumps. Also included in our services array for the industry are workbenches operated with spur and helical gears, racks, groove openers, cutters and grinders.

VIMPI has adopted as its core professional philosophy to develop new designs for its production ranges while improving the existing ones, check and supervise each and every phase of its production lines, execute prompt deliveries and maximize customer satisfaction with a wide range of available supplies and spares as well as with comprehensive yet intuitive after sales and technical support services


AnasayfaİletişimSite Ağacı